Monday, 17 December 2012

Thanks from Mark and I

 Result of the FREE weekend is that since it stopped 6 hours ago, Chronicles has dropped out of the ratings on Amazon. Over 350,000 in the UK and over 1.5 million places in the US. 

NOW tell me these are good for promotion

 I have done 3, and all have killed the books. Chronicles s is now over 1/3 lower than BEFORE the PROMO weekend - some promotion - I got my answer, after this book 2 won't be going out now 

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  1. Although he is still in the Smart Writ Book Awards. I am stuck with a book that won't sell and you have proved has NO interest. I am stuck with a book, I couldn't even give away.

    IF I do any more ( no guarantees now ), they will be sold if possible from me.

    Don't be surprised, if after this you do NOT see me again on line - good buy - sorry, even at sad times, I need my humour to keep going