Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Price lists

   As you may know, in the New Year I will be selling my books from the blogs via Paypal. I will be selling at the base rate of $1 ( £0.62p) per 1,000 words. If you consider this expensive, you have to equate this to the number of pages you are getting for your $1. Most writers/editors work on about 250 words per page, so that works out at $0.25c ( £0.15p) per page. To give you some ideas, Chronicles of Mark Johnson was 75 pages and 26, 280 words long. At $2 it was a give away, or so I thought.

  This action has been forced on me by Amazon, not only are they deleting the reviews we depend on to show our worth in the writing community, but the punitive amount we get is far below our worth as writers, unless you are a name and can sell thousands of books.

  I know in these hard times, it will be hard to sell and I am sorry if this means books are out of your reach, but it takes months to work a book out and I feel that I am worth more than the $0.30c I get at Amazon. BTW, most editors charge more than $1 per page, think of that next time you pick up a book up at a store.

  If anybody wishes for a rough price list, please contact me and I will happily send you one, or you can wait until the New Year when I will post one on here. Alternatively, if you are keen and cannot get the right price, I am willing to compromise to an extent.

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