Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Looking forward

I have many goals for the year ahead, some I hope to achieve as I have lower expectations for next year than I did this year. The value of hard learned lessons.

In order no other than coming to mind, as a lot is dependant on sales.

To keep writing for the Peacock Writers charity book

To complete From Mordhiem to Marienberg (going well)
For Chronicles to do well at the Smart Book Awards. (no showing)
For my idea to sell through the blog to flourish.
One 10 book month.
Another book to reach 10 sales.
Chronicles to start selling well.
To make $10 on Amazon.
Chronicles to get published (at the publishers now)

Dreams that have gone.

I have to be brutally honest with myself and realise some things will NEVER be now, mainly owing to an inability to walk far.

Travel beyond my limited area of North Bristol/Filton

I won't be able to do a book signing tour as I can only get to two Waterstones shops now.
I won't be going back to Scarborough, so the mystery of the monastic building will have to be forgotten. I have tried to find out about it but nobody knows of its history.
I won't solve the mystery of the Betty Moffat rocks either.

The outlook

Though there are many things I will miss out on now, I am grateful for the friends I have made and keep making on line. Fortunately my work as a writer does not depend on being a traveller, I found that out last year. When I found out that I would be unable to walk for months, my first thought was "How will I be able to keep writing, I need to travel to get energy and ideas."
Fortunately, my muse had other ideas and out of this area grew Chronicles; Pat Canella and Mordhiem.
There are many things to be grateful for, even though I am expecting that within the next year or two at the latest to be in a wheelchair, if not housebound.

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