Thursday, 20 December 2012

DracoDreaming ( short version)

This is the shorter version, which will be going in the new book for children's charities by the Peacock Writers. It will also appear in an extended version in my book Drakanark

In the times of Olden legends, there came a time when dragons flew to their mountain homes. The sight of these lovely and elegantly beautiful creatures in the air always entrances the population of Derewald.
I am forgetting my manners, please let me introduce myself. My name is Goderon Shiremore and I am of the Faeriean tribes, we live on the Northern shores of Lake Middershone, which covers the larger part of the boundaries with our neighbours.
I have often seen these creatures in flight and wondered where they nest during the late misty months, when they mate?
It is not our duty to watch over these creatures at these times. That pleasure falls to the Calandrian people who live high in the mountainous country, which is always covered by mist. Not many of my people have wondered where these creatures live. Most of my kin are more than happy being fishermen on the lake, but for me, the hopes of seeing these creatures close up always held a romantic thought. Even though I knew in my heart, there was little hope of seeing them.
Although we were not permitted the pleasures of seeing the lovely creatures up close, some of us had been as close as the bottom of the mountains, but could not see the paths leading to the castles where we could view what was going on. So we had to turn back and head for our homes.
I am fortunate, as being of a younger age than many making friends came easy. I have no long standing arguments or grudges, I am just happy to meet new people. Among my close friends is Calandrian Piotr Murrrishion. His family come down from the mountains once a month to sell berries and nuts they have collected. It was on one such trip that Piotr’s grand-father Dimitriov asked me “Goderon, would you like to come and see the DracoDreaming festival this month?”
Taken aback with the news I replied “Oh, yes please. I have always wanted to see them close-up.”
The kindly old man chuckled and stroked his gingery beard as he said to me “I know. Piotr is always talking about you and the dreams of going up to the caves. To get the full pleasures, it will take a three day trip as they come from all regions not just Derewald.”
Still shaking with excitement I replied “Thank you, for inviting me, as I know this festival has a special meaning to the folks of Calandria. I will do whatever is needed.”
“You’ll need to come up the day before we set off. We can’t have our guest missing the start of the festivities can we? I will send Piotr to collect you in a day or two.”
The next two days dragged on, I badly wanted to be there and have the chance to see these lovely creatures in their glorious colours and hear their calls of love. Some say it sounds like rain running through the pebbles on a beach and others say it sounds like rain running off a wet tree, either way it was going to be a wonderfully exciting three days for me.
The morning of the third day arrived ( I hadn’t slept the night before), as I was waiting at my window and looking to the mountains that would soon be my destination, I heard a tiny whispered voice “Goderon, it’s Piotr! Come on, we don’t have much time. The folks will be setting off for the mountains once I get back.”
As it was still a half-light, our suns were just showing their first golden rays. I crept down the stairs passed the big halls were my family were still asleep. My father Halderon, would never have allowed me on this trip had he known about it. Slowly, I crept down the stairs. Once or twice I had to stop for a few seconds, thinking somebody had risen early but it was just the late summer breezes rattling our old shutters.
When we entered the village there was a big cheer, I was the first visitor to the village since memory held and was treated like a lord. “Now, our guest has arrived we can set off,” said Piotr’s grand-father.
We walked up steep paths that could only have been used for goats before until we came to the castle where we would stay for the night.

“All right, we can all take a room here,” Dimitriov said, as we looked in awe at the beautiful white castle, looking fit for a princess. “There is no need to worry about having the wrong side and missing the flights, the dragons will fill the skies.”
After an excited and sleepless night, I was roused by Piotr yelling to me “Goderon, you must see this!”
Waking from my sleep, I went to my window and true to Dimitriov’s word the skies were filled with beautiful dragons of all shapes and sizes. “I have seen them before but never so many,” I called back to my excited friend.
“Hurry up and come down, we’re going to the caves now!”
“I’ll be right down,” I replied, as I quickly put on a thick coat and leggings.
Climbing up the steep mountainside we could feel the winds from their wings but never did one of them attack us, even though they could have killed us with a simple knock. We topped a rise and Dimitriov whispered to us “Keep quiet and crawl slowly, if you startle them you’ll miss the full enjoyment.”
Piotr, me and about ten others got down and crawled slowly over the edge of the cave, below us was the most beautiful sight I have seen. Here was a large cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites surrounding a lake of azure blue. Hovering over the lake was a male dragon turning around and calling to a mate, as yet unseen. His wings were barely missing us and the sides of the cave as he span. Slowly spinning as he moved over the lake, then from behind us came a plaintive call as his mate entered and they went into a love spiral, hovering over the lake calling to each other and totally lost to anybody else.
The sounds were just like rain on a beach and will stay with me for ever, as will the sights of these beautifully mystic creatures, lost to our world and so in love.

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