Friday, 21 December 2012

Did we see him? Or Nerja?

 With the race to be 1st to sell 10 at Amazon over - the honour went to Holding Richmond - the next question is will it be a 10 book month or the next to 10 sales. Did we  see him? trails Nerja 7 -8

Here are a few of the stories I have written. If you are tired of 2012, the end of the world, cheap sex or zombies, please feel free to buy some.

Below is my summary of my works but don't take the word of the writer. Feel free to check the reviews and reports as you wish.

What did Mark find so scary at North Moor that gave him nightmares? Who is Annette really? Find out in Chronicles of Mark Johnson books 1 & 2

In Holding Richmond, we come across my vampires beware these are not sparkly and sexy, these are dangerous and grotesque. What price to save the city of Richmond? Read and find out.

It wouldn't be my writing without some ghost stories, I did two collections. Sea ghosts asks who is John Andrew? What did he do that the crew came hunting him down?

Apparitions is a small collection of ghost stories, most are fiction based on real instances. Who was the mystery US airmen? Why did the mists roll across the lands and not come from the sea?

Did we see him? Which is the first in a series of time travel stories I planned to write asks some intriguing questions about a real mystery of the 1930's

Nerja is a story of spiritual beliefs in a modern world. Will the pilot get the plane across the frozen lake? Read the story to find out.

Last but not least my best seller- Pat Canella (the Dockland murders) read the story that started me off and find the answers to how is Dennis? Why did Patti kill her partner? Will she cope with going home after being in the city for so long?

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