Thursday, 27 December 2012

Blockbuster endings for Mark & Patti

         At the start of this project I was wondering if either Chronicles or Pat Canella would develop into a case of either Sherlock Holmes or Misery?
        Where the writer tires of the character but is forced to bring them back public demand. There was at one time a large and expanding fan base for both characters, but I guess a fan base does not mean sales.
        I have never tired of writing either character; Hunted down -the last Pat Canella - was so engrossing to write, I left many leading questions open to expand for short stories of their own.

    The Character of Mark Johnson fascinated me, as I did see a lot of me in him. An ex-photographer with an eye for a mystery; a bit like the original Kolchak series or even a little known Stephen King film called "The night flier."
    The second Chronicles book we are currently editing and Hunted down will probably be my last, I had hoped for some interest but obviously for that to happen I will have to join the rest and write zombie stories, as nobody wants a good and interesting read that challenges you.
    I did plan to write four Chronicles books, but as there is no interest in them, they will be for friends only now.
    Hunted down is planned to come out in two forms, the smaller book is for the tiny amount of people who did get the first Patti book. The larger volume will include all four books (Dockland Murders/ Back from Ohandsworth/ Ghosts of your past & Hunted down) and is 13 chapters long.
    When this is completed, I shall go back to my ghost stories. Whether they go for sale or not is not a matter for me to care about, I will be writing for friends only now.

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  1. Patti will be on the loose by Tuesday, I cannot say any more about Mark as he is still being edited. I hope for a March release for Chronicles book 2 (The Descent of Mark Johnson)