Friday, 14 December 2012

A postscript to Mark

      To anybody who may or may not give a damn about my writing and why should you, after all it does not contain zombies, cheap sex, 2012, Mayan calendars or the end of the world; nor was it supported by a BIG NAME.  This weekend is tearing the heart out of me, this project was my personal favourite and to see that I cannot even give it away, destroys what faith I had left for my writing :(
       On Monday, when this is over and I can take stock of the damage done. I will re-appraise my worth. Those who do know me, will tell you that my fragile belief in my writing comes under constant checks from myself almost on a weekly - should that be weakly - basis.
      As I love irony, there is a real irony here. How about a double award winning book, that I cannot even give away LMAO ROFPML

Twitter;Facebook;here;my other blog;Scribd' and Pinterest. Net result so far is 16 - 6 to the USA.
I guess I owe an apology, to those you said I am a lousy writer. They are right :(

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