Tuesday, 13 November 2012


At the end of the month, my domain Alanspageturners ceases to exist; it wasn't costing a lot to run but now I have the blog I don't need it. I need every dime and nickel to save for a new laptop now.
I have already left a few groups on Facebook and no longer take part in blog hops. I have found blog hops to be less than useless from my point of view, they may well benefit the person paying for them but for me working my own publicity on a shoestring fund- NOTHING has happened. Please do not ask me to join any more.

With the growth of The Word on line and the chance of greater coverage for my story than I had imagined. I am taking less on line activity and may close my other page at Blogs4U-it it virtually dead on its feet anyway. With the editing of book 2 of Chronicles going ahead-not that anybody cares now. My time is getting tighter, therefore I am seen less on line. The word and short stories for Yezall will continue, other than that I cannot say what I am planning to do



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