Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unfinished and unread

            The prices of my books on Amazon were kept low, not because I thought my work was rubbish but as an unknown and unread writer I didn't want to price myself out of the chance of sales. I did it to try and make a market for later works, which will now not be written.
            I know that I would not make a lot of money, that is why I would have been happy with only a few dollars a month from the sales, but over the year I have not even made $10. Maybe, I hoped I was better at writing than I turned out to be.

          There are two sides to an equation and this year has shown me both in cold reality.

           On the one side, it has proved to me that I am able to write a story that people liked; this was shown by my recent award.

          On the other side; it has shown me that the only way to sell a book is either jump on a trend or get some well-known person to endorse your book.

          As I would rather have my work sold on its merits rather than because some well-known person endorsed it, I was dead before I started. The same goes for trend-jumping; I wanted to be known for my work not because I copied somebody's style or jumped a trend. Again, I was dead before I had a chance. Last night, I was thinking about doing a zombie book, but this morning I have changed my mind for many reasons.

 The outcome of the year
      I made some great friends who have helped me a lot.
      I received an award in October for Chronicles.
      I have learned that I am able to write stories that people like to read.
      I got published in print in an anthology.
      I got published on line.

      Do not try to be an individual, the apathy of the public will destroy you.
     My award and great reviews were as useful as snowflakes in an oven.
     Unless you jump a trend, you won't get the sales.
     Coverage means nothing.

        This is the main focus for my work from now on. I am not even putting out on my blog page. Once a week, I will write a sort story for my great friend Yezall. Other than that, the only people who can read my work are a few close friends, who I know like it. I am going back to were I was about 15 months ago.    http://yezallstrongheart.weebly.com/2/category/al%20place/1.html

             The picture above is used to depict the scene that although I have many ideas and stories I wanted to write, none shall be written now. Why waste my time trying to give the reader a good story when all they want is zombies, cheap sex and Mayan calendar hoax stories.

          At one time, I was delighted to know that nearly 200 people were reading The Word a month. Then last night I did a reality check and found that it worked out at only 7 a day and half of them are friends. The value of Facebook/Twitter and blog promotions is NIL. That is why I am not doing it any more.

         About 7 years ago one of my favourite authors just vanished from sight. Marianne MacDonald's blog has not been touched since August 2005 and nobody knows what happened to the boo she was writing at the time. I used to like her Dido Hoare mysteries, after this year I can totally understand her feelings and reasons for vanishing.

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