Thursday, 1 November 2012

The haunting of Pat Canella.

A month ago when I finally finished the third of the Pat Canella series- "Hunted down," I asked a question was the book trying to tell me something?
At the time, I was referring to that book but looking at the history of the series, I know ask IS THE SERIES HAUNTED?

I know the series is about a young female PI with a ghostly sidekick but the history of the books appears to lead one to question its credibility.

Dockland murders-Book 1 was almost not written, I had it on my laptop for several months and almost deleted it from the recycle bin. At the time, it was like that boiled cabbage, you know you have to swallow it now it's in your mouth but don't like the thought.
I had wanted to write a PI story with the lead character a young female called Pat (Patti), the idea was somebody turned up to look for a tough guy and found a young girl. The more I tried to write it, the more it was turning into Nancy Drew, this was not my idea. In June of 2011, I finally gave up and consigned it to the bin (out of sight out of mind).
In the October I won the cover above in a contest, from there the idea sprang a new life for Patti.
Here we are 10 months after her launch and she has sold 16 copies- 5 on Bookrix, 6 on Waterstones. On Amazon, she has not sold since the beginning of May 2012.
Ghosts of your past-Book 2- an enigma.
  After Dockland murders came out, I was asked by some friends was there any more coming out. Ghosts made its de'but and sold a copy on launch night. It didn't sell another copy for months until I announced  was taking it down, then it sold two copies. Although only selling those 3 copies it is now being promoted by Amazon for mystery and suspense writing. Even though it has yet to sell a copy on Amazon in the UK after 6 months.The only copy sold in the UK was on Kobo.

 Hunted down-book 3 and the true haunting
This book appears to have been plagued from the early days. One night my laptop was telling me that I had to clear some space for it to work. As I was busy at the time and frustrated. I went into the computer files and tried to delete some files- I accidentally deleted the first 17 pages of work. This was the end result of almost a months worth of work as I was really struggling to find motivation and had just got it back when... you can imagine how I felt.
I did retrieve the first 9, fortunately they had been sent off my laptop for friends to read.
After weeks of struggling with myself, I finally got it finished, this was a really big high as it was my biggest story to date, even though it drained me. I enjoyed the writing of it.
Then came the next problem, once I uploaded it to Amazon, I checked and found I had not loaded the last 12 pages on my page. Frantically I searched my laptop to correct the matter- only to find all the files on here were missing the end.
Then, I realised I had loaded the files to Google drive and after a quick check I found the missing pages.
Despite all my concerns and troubles-to date Hunted down has only sold one copy.

It does make you wonder IS THE SERIES HAUNTED?
I do plan a fourth book as the series has no ending-WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THIS ONE?

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