Saturday, 3 November 2012

Strange things happening

A few weeks ago, I got awarded a certificate by for Chronicle of Mark Johnson.
 This week my friends Jasha and Julia who started the magazine back in January have told me that a certain lady complained about the award.
I am at a loss to find a reason other than jealousy as she is a published author. Usually if you try to rubbish some it is for personal gain or to wreck their reputation. Let us view my status to figure this out.

Reputation to ruin ;- Unknown and unpublished. No reputation beyond a few friends who know my writing anyway, so there is no gain.
Maybe she wants a percentage of what the book made :- Take the lot all 100% it made the vast sum of $1.50.
I have been told by many that I am a good storyteller, maybe she is worried about that. I put the point forward, she made more in the sale of one book than I have in 10 months at Amazon.
Could she be jealous of me outselling her? I doubt it as most of my ebooks have not even sold a copy.

A few days ago, a man called Johnathon Ward claiming to be a New York editor asked to befriend me. I thought mmmm, interesting let's check this out-stranger things have happened (like the certificate). At first glance you may, as I did. Think, great progress at last...
The profile came up with Torrance, California.
RED FLAG 1-  that is where the lady lives. When I told friends, naturally they thought I was joking, why would she stalk my on line profile? I had a reputation for seeing spooks but this turned solid.
RED FLAG 2-  Yesterday, not only my Goodreads collection but that of two other people I know was attacked by Mr. Ward. We all got 1 star rating, while this lady got 5 stars from him. While we cannot connect them- I leave you to connect the dots.

Again I ask- What does she expect to gain by trashing me?

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  1. I only found out about Goodreads because a friend told me. That shows how much impact that has on me LOL.
    I only go there if I get an email to a blog comment.