Sunday, 18 November 2012

Matthew 7:6

           I give in. I am not going to try to sell any more stories.

                                     For those that want to read my work, I am here.
                                     I don't object to sending copies of my work out.

My reasons are many, my answers are few.

           I have yet to fathom why the paying public in a recession will but books at $15 or more, yet ebooks at 1/10th do not sell.

           It takes weeks or months to get the book out and for what? The hope of $0.35c for a sale.

         What do you expect for less than the price of a coffee :- Stienbeck/ Wilkie Collins / Dickens / Jane Austen- I don't think so.

        Then there is the old cherry :- If you PAY for an editor and designer you MAY sell the book- excuse me while I die laughing- they cost MONEY. For every ebook I sell I get $0.35c.

         I have many writer friends who can write well but we wont sell. We choose to write with our voice not jump on the cash cow of zombies /2012 /end of the world /Mayan Calendar or cheap sex stories.

         Nor are we lucky enough to get big names to say how good our books are to boost sales. I tried with two lesser known writers, one told me he didn't do endorsements and the agent of the other was very curt in her reply.

        I was going to try and do a signing in the new year and launch Chronicles, it wont happen now. The signing would have been a huge thing for me as a person as I am basically very timid. Even going to other writers signings I can find daunting.

        I know doing it by Createspace, the books wouldn't cost anything POD but I'm not going to try it. There is no interest on line-what is the point of trying to lie any more. A good writer I may have been but not a selling author.

                  To those not acquainted with the quotation at the head :-

 neither throw your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

       At the beginning I said I was not trying to sell again, that is true. If the public wants trash, the shelves are stacked with zombie stories and the new copycats of EL James.
For me- I am going to put my work on here-end of story.

     I hear youu saying "If you don't put the work out, people won't find you and you won't sell."
My stock answer to this is "I am on Amazon, so if people want to find me, the blog address is on the profile. Not that anybody will bother to check and at $0.35c a book what am I losing?

    The bottom line on this reads, I may be a good writer but it was a pipe dream that lasted a life time to think that I could even make a few dollars a month at it. 
     So, go to your book stores and feast up on EL James and the many that will now follow her. Go there to get your zombie fix as there will always be zombie books.

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