Sunday, 18 November 2012

Farewell, my friend

  Tonight, I bid a sad farewell to one of my books as "Ghosts of your past" goes to the waste bin. This was a part of the Pat Canella series, but as I have just bought the only copy sold in the UK. Time has come to draw the blind and say our goodbyes.

  The people at Bookrix sent me an email saying if the syntax was altered and it got edited, they could see it selling. How? It has been on Amazon since March and the only time it sold was when I said I was getting rid of it.

   That time is now. Farewell my good book


  1. Al, one of the things I really like about eBooks is that they never go out of print. If you keep writing and get a hit it will bring all the books languishing in limbo into the light and they will start selling. So I would say leave the book in limbo and it may yet become a favorite, it might just be a matter of time.

  2. Rick, this wont catch on. I tried to get a hitch with something unusual and different but I guess if don't have zombies it won't sell. I always thought it was a far out concept much like Chronicles. With a gutsy female lead, I did hope it may catch on but not so.
    I will keep writing, my other work is liked, if not selling and I have my serial to keep up :)