Sunday, 4 November 2012

A tireless muse

My muse was over-active again, I had a dream within a dream this morning. The first part was about writing two exclusive stories. One for Yezall's free read page.

The other story was for my own enjoyment. The second part of the main dream in my opinion comes from the fact that I am no longer putting books for sale on Amazon.

The second dream was about playing golf-if you have not seen me play golf, you have missed a treat LOL. I am not saying I'm bad BUT if somebody said "Get to the green in five shots or I will shoot you." I would say "Give me the gun now." Anyway I digress- during the game I mentioned to my golf partner about the stories, when he asked their names-I could not remember them. Which is a shame as I was going to write them today.

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