Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Welcome to the races

A few days ago (29th Sept) Hunted down sold its first copy. Whether this had something to do with me going out and putting leaflets out I have no idea. I thought it was about time that I stepped up my promotions as I do quite well promoting my friends.

The next target is to pass "Ghosts of your past" which sold 3 copies. If she can do that she can be in with a chance as best seller LOL. Although Dockland murders is well clear of the pack at 16 copies, I am counting the best sellers from the next in the list which is Holding Richmond at 7.




  1. Nice blog. I would be honored if you'd promote my book too. The Discovery Channel is doing a documentary on my book taping is next wednesday. www.loris-song.com
    My blog address is www.lorissong.com
    Thanks for the information on these books, when things slow down I will check them out. Lori

  2. Thanks, Lori, for the compliment.
    I have no objections to promoting you, usually there is a cost but as you say you will be checking the books out- I will waive the charge.

    All the books in the book case are by Indie writer friends of mine but I have no objection to promoting anybody :)