Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Weird connections

The ways of the blog and how we connect again draw a funny collection to my arena of ghosts, spectres and all the weirdness that inhabit "Al's haunt." 
This link has again cropped up as a search hitting my blog. Jaimey writes Regency Romance stories.
I did try "I Write Like" for fun and it did come up with my story "To Elfenmere," which is the opening to my new book "Mordhiem to Marienberg" as being written in the style of Jane Austen but there is NO way is it a romance, think Sharpe meeting Robin Hood and you will be closer. Medieval it may be, Ivanhoe it is NOT.

The only romance I did write was "Canadian memories" and that was a modern romance/autobiographic story ( Part 2 will be out soon).

I also got links from a site where the writer wrote about inter-racial romances. The only inter-racial story I did was Nerja, which is still selling well., this is more a spiritual story of beliefs than a romance.

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