Monday, 22 October 2012

Talking books

 One of my main projects for the next few weeks is to get my series "Mordhiem to Marienberg" under way for a dear friend of mine. She is going blind and has friends from the Royal National Institute for the Blind to read for her.

My friend is a great author in her own right and it is such a shame that this has happened to such a lovely lady. Her tales of an England long forgotten amid ASBOs, hoodies and disrespect for teachers, service personnel and the emergency services, hark back to the days of Sir John Betjemin, John Arlott, Laurie Leslie and a time when manners ruled.

The book will be on sale later if anybody wants to read tales of Medieval times, no sparkling vampires, cheap sex or mass killings. Valour won the lady's heart and the good man was true in spirit, not quite Ivanhoe. More like Sharpe meeting Robin Hood.

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