Friday, 26 October 2012

Praises from Yezall

These stories have been recently polished and the book was given a new face. It finally captures the imagination of Al Place perfectly. Well executed and written, these spine-tingling stories will keep you awake at night. In his noir style, Al Place brings these stories to life and although they are short, they are memorable!

The richly imagined character Mark Johnson jumps from the page, as does the other fully fleshed out characters, in such a way that you feel you are there. Nicely done "creep factor" keeps you turning the pages. All around good collection.

With this author's talent at telling a story, I can only hope for a novel at some point. Any of these shorts could become a larger volume. If anything that would be my complaint, I wanted more..

From Yezall Strongheart- author of Restore-Bring em back alive

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  1. Yezall was talking about Chronicles of Mark Johnson, my award winning book