Monday, 15 October 2012

Is creativity dead?

Is creativity dead or are writers happy to milk the zombie/2012/Mayan calendar or trash sex story until there is no milk in the poor cow unless it is soured.

Where are the great writers?
Are they around? Or are they dead?
Because they refused to sell out their vast talent and great writings to an audience that is happy to read the filth and bilge that publishers deem fit for the reading public.

My book Chronicles of Mark Johnson has just received an award from the indiePENdents.og, a New York based Indie writing group- the book will probably die for the lack of zombies, sex or the end of the world themes.

It is well known among friends of mine that I have said "Chronicles will not sell, it is too deep for the general public." I appreciate Lovecraft wasn't to a general taste when I wrote it but I feel the reader should be able to lose themselves in a good, thrilling story.

There are some great writers out there waiting to be discovered. Friends have told me that my style will be back but I don't see it happening unless I sell out and do zombies- THAT AIN'T FOR ME!!!!!!!!

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