Monday, 1 October 2012

Gail drops in for a chat

In the chair today is my friend Gail Briggs from Manchester. Hello Gail.
Hi Al, it’s really great to be here. It’s about time you invited me on here hehe
You and I have been chatting a while, for those new to your work, would you please be kind enough to give us a short resume' of your new book please?
It’s called Exorcism of the Species, and is the second in a trilogy of books. This book is about enemies from different realms being forced to work together in order to get rid of, or ‘exorcise’, a common enemy. Their journey and trials force changes in both their relationship and themselves. It’s a race against time, because the enemy is closing in and only one group can survive.
Your biography said you live in Manchester, were you born there?
I’m originally from Rochdale, and we moved to Manchester when I was about 6. I have lived here ever since.

I have to congratulate you, Gail- your new book is still at No.24 in the Amazon UK (supernatural section), that is a great achievement. Has this had a great impact on your sales?
Aww thank you. My sales are pretty erratic, as you can tell by the way my book is in and out of the top 100 in the supernatural category almost daily. I was really pleased with the way the book was received when it was released, as it reached the top 4 supernatural on its release day. I’m very proud and humbled by that. :)
As a published author, what part of the trade did you find most frustrating?
Lol, it’s all very frustrating. I had the most trouble formatting the manuscript, and had to ask for help from fellow authors. I’m getting the hang of it now though, finally.
Are there any genres you would like to try to write but feel you cannot?
Well, I like reading forensic crime novels, like by Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell and Tess Gerritson, but know that I would never be able to do a book like that justice. I have written a couple or few children’s books that will never see the light of day.
I tend to write cross-genre, have you any thoughts on moving genre, or will you keep to what is working for you now?
I don’t really think about genre, I just write my story and fit it in where it fits. My present stories fit in the paranormal genre. At the moment I’m working on a fantasy tale. I can’t really tell you about that yet, as it is still very much in the writing down the idea’s stage. I’m writing some true biography-type stories surrounding the paranormal. I’m also involved in a collaborative novel with some exceptional writer friends, and we haven’t really fit it into a particular genre yet.

I ask this to all my friends who write, was there a time when you thought. 'This is not going to work!' And thought about giving up.
LOL. When I was writing my first novel, Fabled Enigma, it took me two or three months to stop rewriting the first four chapters. My friend was begging me not to keep scrapping it and starting it again, but I did, many times. I had to be bullied and cajoled into leaving it as it was and finishing the rest. The second book was a lot easier to write, as I was much more relaxed about the whole process.
Who would you say was your biggest influence?
I had a teacher at primary school who just brought books to life. He had a way of telling stories that made you listen with rapt attention. He started my love of reading at a very early age.
Would you say you had been influenced by the work of authors, if so who? Or was it the genre that drew you?
This is a difficult question. I wouldn’t say that i have been influenced by the works of other authors, but I have been left immensely impressed by some, and have the greatest of respect for them. The reason I chose to write my paranormal trilogy was because I was unhappy with the choice of books to read in that genre. I had stories in my head, so decided to write them down.
Have you suffered writers block? Is so how did you get passed it?
I have suffered from ‘can’t be bothered’ syndrome, and I’ve had attacks of ‘what’s the point’ disease once or twice, but never writer’s block. I think it helps to have more than one or two projects going at the same time, so boredom doesn’t set in. Writing is very hard work, so it also helps to have a friend to kick me up the backside when I need it, and make me put bum on chair and get writing. lol

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of writing a book?
My advice would be... don’t mess about. Just get it written down and don’t worry about grammar and spelling. Your first draft is going to be awful, no matter what you do, so just get it written down. Sort it out later.
This is question I have asked some friends, it would be interesting to get another view. A big 6 publisher approaches you and says "We would like to buy the rights to the book. Your name will be on the credits but we will do what we want with the contents." Would you sell your book, knowing it may well end up being nothing like how you wrote it?
I would like to say no. But in all honesty, if they paid me enough, they could do what they wanted with it lol. It would take a very very very very very large sum of money for me to give it up though. So I am actually going to say no :) I wrote it that way because that’s how the story goes. If they wanted to change it so much that it didn’t resemble the book I wrote, then they might as well go off and write their own instead. Or ask me to do so. I’d be willing to do that :)
I thank you, for your time in answering the questions Gail.
Your welcome. It was good to be here.

Gail Briggs is from Manchester, UK. She has been an author for just over a year now, although she had her stories running around in her head for many years. Now that her three children are grown up, she has finally found the time to actually sit down and write her stories. She has two books published to date, three in the process of being written, and many still in her head waiting in the wings for her attention.
You can find Gail at:
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You can also purchase her books HERE

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