Tuesday, 16 October 2012

From Mordhiem to Marienberg

My current project is going to be "From Mordhiem to Marienberg." This is my medieval story of a group of people forced from their homes by a comet strike. The story will take the group across country fighting al types of things from huge armed forces to marauding groups of vagabonds.

The previous book in the series "To Elfenmere," is now the first chapter.

My hope is to try and join this to another set of stories I started last year called "Dark is the alley." Which was to have been mentioned in the now delayed Chronicles book 3.

My idea was to try and see if I could join the two sets of stories together. Have one meeting the other and forming a dual story line, much the same as books 2 & 3 of Chronicles. The difference being in Chronicles the stories ran side by side, here I am attempting a story from either end and hoping to join in the middle.

Imagine taking the ends of a piece of  string and tying a knot in the middle. That is what I hope to achieve, whether I succeed or not is open to debate among the few fiends who will be able to read it.

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