Friday, 12 October 2012


It came to be be more noticeable recently.
Over the last few weeks, if you have read the blogs I put out. That a certain SMALL amount of good fortune has come my way.I wont go into further details here, the news is here to be browsed at pleasure.

This is about the fact that certain "Friends"  while being extremely happy to push their successes at me, have remained quiet, when it came to saying "Well done, Al! Glad you got some credit."

For months, I had to endure-this book is selling X amount of copies OR Book P is doing well in the best sellers at Amazon. Imagine my feelings having to read this day in and day out, when my ebooks are not selling. NOW, the time for saying "Well done, Al" is here. These same people are quiet.

Surely, it cannot be jealousy as even though I got the praises and a little acclaim. My books are still not selling. It could well be finally the public HAS got tired of zombies (I certainly had months ago), cheap trashy sex, 2012 and the end of the world or Mayan calendars.

Perhaps, the public realise that a good read is out there. After all-ghosts stories are timeless and that IS my forte'. Maybe these people are afraid that my stories will outlast the current crazes.

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