Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Author goes missing

Peasholm park, Scarborough, Teeside.

In an unusual turn of events, upcoming writer Alan Place has gone missing. He was last seen leaving his place of work on Monday evening. For over a year, his close friends have told him that he is a good writer yet he was never able to come to terms with this situation. Always looking for the story that would let his growing numbers of fans down, always hard on himself. To many people this was the reason he was liked so much, he was his own worst critic and nothing was good enough for his readers.

Alan is haunted by one of his early stories-The Old church ghosts, which he has never liked and yet grows constantly in popularity will soon be going in print, Halloween sees the anniversary of its first on line issue in 2011. It will be included in a collection of stories for children's charities.
Many friends think the problem lies with the character he created which is largely based on himself. P A Canella wishes to be read but remain unknown, like Alan he can never accept his growing popularity and this plays constantly on his mind. Even after the success of the series "Dark is the alley,"  P A Canella cannot accept that people like his work. Alan like his character is worried about being recognised as he was not after status, all he wanted was to be liked for his work.

Early reports claim to have seen him boarding a train heading to York, from there it is well known among close friends that he could well be heading for Scarborough again, the place were he was so inspired to write, three years ago. What is worrying his close friends is that they know he cannot get on a train since his tendon injury-so who did they see? And where is Alan?

People in the know, have been concerned about the doubts he has of his work. With the growing popularity of  his on line serial "The Word, having "Chronicles of Mark Johnson" at No.45 in the Horror anthology section followed by "Hunted down" getting to No. 27 in the same category of Then having his spiritual story "Nerja" get to No.97 in the top 100 of Religious fiction on Amazon UK. You would think he would be easier on himself and realise he has something going well for him.

In the story of Mark Johnson, Mark has to leave the glamour scene to go and live on the coast, to get back his passions for the real photography that he loves. Like his character, Alan has yearned to find the passions again, only in Alan's mind it is the passion for writing. Constantly playing on his mind is the growing number of people who claim to be best selling writers whose books sell when his ebooks at less than a tenth the price are not.

Alan has been quoted many times over the last two years, when things are going. "People keep telling me that my work gets better each story. This is worrying as all things reach a peak and when I fall, the higher I go, the bigger the drop and I don't want to disappoint you." As yet, his fans tell him this has not happened and they say that day is a long way off.

                                              If only he would believe it.


  1. I love your third man commentaries - you have tightened up with all - the only validation you need is in your continuing on as your characters want to be heard.