Friday, 12 October 2012

An award but still no sales

Chronicles of Mark Johnson-the book that recently received the great accolade of being awarded the seal and certificate of still amazes me.

Long before Pat Canella took a hold of the readers imagination, this collection of short stories was a real project of love for me. Being an ex-photographer from my Royal Air Force days, I could associate with Mark. Loving the rough weather and raging seas further enamoured him to me, perhaps this is why he had such a great on line following.

Despite been given this great honour Chronicles languishes on the verge of extinction with only 3 sales in 4 months and even those I feel I had to force my friends to get. Chronicles is in a US national contest now, the prizes here include a trophy, money, possible publication and TV coverage. All I hope for is a few readers and maybe a few sales.

The day before I was told of the award, I was considering putting Pat Canella out as a multi-pack as the second and third books have died. "Ghosts of your past" has only sold 4 copies in almost 6 months and "Hunted down" despite getting to No.27 in the UK Horror anthology section at Amazon, has yet to sell a copy. However, with Chronicles getting this acclaim I could well bring it out in print in the new year-especially if it does well again.

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