Tuesday, 30 October 2012

$2 not $3,30

The price for the penultimate Pat Canella story is $2 not the price marked on my page. I did ask them about a month ago to cut the price.

What caused the explosion?
Did she survive?
Will she be found?


If you had read the stories, you would have been interested in the answers-OH well.

Holmes or Misery?
Holmes was brought back by popular demand.
In Misery the writer had to bring back to life a character he killed off, in order to save his own life.

I thought of 4 stories as the limit, Chronicles ran on a lot longer even if the books are not selling.
She had her day back in February. She is still the biggest seller, merely for being on sale the longest. In June, there was a rush of 5 sales when I put her on http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/products/al+place/pat+canella+28ebook29/9205282/

I had two stories written for the next book but HEY  I will let you alone to read the mass of zombie novels that sell. My mistake-I thought you might want a story not the usual mindless pap you get force fed, lesson learned.

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