Thursday, 27 September 2012

The vanishing blog

Over the last week, I have noticed the reads on the blogs have got to a point were I wonder if it is worth the time to do them. A few months ago, I decided not to count my visits to get a true account of how many readers I got.

This week I have not bothered to cancel my reads as it would appear that I am the only person who does read them now. Last week the daily average was down to about 25, this week it isn't even 10 :(


  1. Alan my friend,
    Have you ever considered no one likes to read them when all of your post in recent times have been so self denigrating?

    After all,it's a no brainer. Post something positive and your readers will soon return.

    Cheer up mate. Believe it or not but we do actually care. :)

  2. Thanks, Jack. I do try to keep my post to promoting friends but now and then I feel like a word about myself.
    It is nice to know, friends do care, I thought I was writing to to the winds.