Saturday, 22 September 2012

So long

The last week has shown me the light and error of my ways.
While I always wanted to write, I don't have what it takes (maybe I never did).

I will write for one or two of my fans but not for general reading. I am just too tired of fighting mass media and the pulp that readers lap up. Maybe, in some distant future- NAH- who am I kidding my writing stinks, if you don't believe it, the sales don't lie.

  8 months.
36 sales from 10 (now 11 books)
over half of which are for Dockland murders.
I put my best shot into Chronicles, it even had a great review from Fran Lewis.
All to NIL.

I keep getting asked to continue-is there any point?
I am note being read and don't enjoy the writing for that reason.
I did have some good moments and have lots of great friends through my various network connections.

I will use this site, if anybody want me to promote them.
That  I dis have a little success with for friends.


  1. Alan, This is very sad. Fist of all, never think sales reflect quality of writing. Just look at those gawd-awful Shades of Grey books to counter that--millions of sales for some of the worst writing out there. Quality of writing has little to do with success; it is much more tied to time/money/finesse at marketing. And I think most of us (myself included) would much rather be spending our time writing than selling, yes? It is very discouraging. I know during the summer I went whole-hog on pushing one of my novels for awhile, way beyond my comfort zone, and thanks to KDP is had it's few moments in the limelight of #2 on the Kindle Free List. Great. Free. That translated into a week of great sales, and now I'm back to one or two a week. Plus, with 10,000+ free downloads you'd think at least a few of them could bother to write a review!
    I also wasted a fair bit of change on a Facebook ad, which charges you by the click. Guess what-clicks don't mean sales.
    So what did I learn? I learned that the only person I really have to please with my writing is me. Which is something I've actually known for 40 years. I don't mind putting it out there for the rest of the world, but if they aren't interested, that's their loss. I'm not going to chase after them or get my feelings hurt when they don't notice tiny little plankton me in the vast ocean of the literary world. If they'd rather read about sparkly vampires and women who grovel after men who torture them, not my problem.
    So don't give up, Alan. Stay true to your voice and yourself, and make the art inside you. If you never become rich and famous, so what? You can go to bed each night knowing you've had your say.

  2. Thanks, Melodie. It was more a case of realising that after 40+ years, I wasn't as good as I had hoped. I never expected a lot but I didn't think I was that bad either. I do have a few friends/fans who await the new stories. I will continue to write for them.
    50 shades is really as I would say a "Marmite book" you either love it or hate it LOL and by the reviews on Amazon, the case is evenly split.