Saturday, 1 September 2012

Is the book trying to tell me something?

I am getting a weird feeling the book "Hunted down,"which was going to be the new Pat Canella story is trying to tell me, it does NOT want to be written. Here are a few odd occurrences to try to explain my thinking.

A few weeks ago, I got back to writing after a long period of self-doubting and hard thinking and accidentally deleted 17 pages, while trying to save disc space.

The more I write about the story, the more I feel pulled into write to the extent that the story is taking over from other projects.

And tonight, as I have to wear a wrist support, I again deleted all my work.
I did retrieve it but again an accident or a message from Patti?????????

The bottom line reads, if I didn't finish it would anybody miss it?
Dockland murders (double story) was a success for me.
Ghosts of your past, was nothing short of a disaster.

Maybe she is telling me to let sleeping dogs lie.
As I said a short time ago, at the end of this story. Her fate is in your hands IF you buy the book, I don't want to keep alive a story that nobody other than me wishes to read.


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  1. Ah...the pages. The missing pages. I have several stories like that and while they are on line, I cannot access them and my hard copy is in hiding. I am slowly retrieving them through the help of my son reading them to me as I retype them. But you have a gremlin or a hacker in your machine - as I posted the other day, I was talking to a tech and she said said there were over a dozen areas that pointed to a possible hacker and that is with a fairly decent firewall.

    It may not be Patti telling you to quit but ill winds that blow because of jealousy.

    You have a great imagination and only need your editor to clean up typos - stick it out sir. Forward is the only way and I'm sure Patti would agree. I'm off to invite home for a spot of refreshment.