Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Happy Anniversary

Today is the the anniversary of getting my leg out of a cast. The accident that laid me low took place on Friday July 9th,2011. A year ago, the cast came off, the photo above shows the cast colour that nobody thought I would wear not even the plaster nurse.

Less than two weeks later, the tendon went again. The official verdict is that although it has fully healed, there is no strength or power in the area. It is so weak, I cannot get up stairs now.

In an age of hi-tech communications, I spent 3 or 4 hours today touting my books the old-fashioned way. I made a new friend and I think this personal touch is going to bring sales. I have to do the same for our local libraries and a couple of shops in town over the next few weeks. Once October hits in, I am virtually house-bound as it becomes unsafe to walk with my surgical boot.


  1. Is your book pink too? Just asking, not being a wisea$$.

    My left leg is weak from the first stroke and if you read Sacrificial Lambs you may have caught a quick reference - so I know of what you speak including the unsafeness of walking - for me it is anything wet and since the dislocation out of socket for the right leg - my stride is now an amble.

    I also found when using the boot my lower back was constantly in pain. I am with you in spirit here Alan and sometimes in pain.

  2. Thanks, Paula. No the boot is plain black with velcro straps. I need to get it replaced as the heel is so worn it is like walking on metal studs. I am with you about the wet, here they have got some lovely paving stones. In the dry they look very pretty with all the colours, in the wet. Think of oil on glass :(

  3. You better get that boot replaced pronto - if you have health benefits covering replacement - understand there are proposed cuts to the health plan and that is not only in the UK, it's around the world. The gv'ts are printing and spending money like it is real. I have one of those - I use it presently as a basket holder with my toilet paper in it. Functional but there if needed and what better use than taking space in the closet.

  4. I keep meaning to contact the doctor did about a month ago and they never got back to me, I have just been busy the last few weeks.

  5. Is there no amount of physical therapy that would help you? Do you have someone to get groceries and necessities for you? You friends here will help keep you company.

  6. I did six months of physio, Yez. The problem is I have very poor skin structure and the muscle tone has gone too, so though it healed there is nothing more to be done :(
    I have family here, so I wont go without, thanks.
    I know and fully appreciate all my friends on line, you have been such a big help the last few months.