Sunday, 12 August 2012

Writing for friends

There are stages in your persona, thing go well-things could be better-things can hardly be worse and WTF.
I have gone below that stage.

It is evident to sell my books there is no market, there never will be in my time.
Maybe in some forgotten era, when works are truly read for stories not for cheap thrills then my stories could be valued. Don't hold your breath though. Zombies as in films never die and the likes of EL Grey will outlast us all.

I thank everybody who has helped me get this far and I am sorry that we didn't even sell a few copies. If nobody else does, I truly appreciate your help.

As others before me and more to come our writing is out of time, out of synch with trends and unreadable. I always thought that of Chronicles. Deep down I know I was going too far, Book 2 was going to be re-written for sale but as book 1 sank. WHAT IS THE POINT? In retrospect it is for the best that Book 2 does not make its face known, it was written at a time of personal crisis and is very dark and menacing.

Friends know where to find me. I will continue for them, I hope somebody appreciates me somewhere. As promoter I had a little success so I will continue on doing that. For writing-I don't know.

If you want to read my work, in some distant future look me up on some out dated images of lost books.

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