Monday, 27 August 2012

Top 50 after-effects?

A few days ago, my friend Malika Gandhi ( author of Freedom of the monsoon) bought a copy of Chronicle of Mark Johnson. The immediate effect was the book shot to number 50 in the Horror anthology section for a few hours. I didn't expect a lot more from this jump, sales have only been minimal, the only other sale being to my friend Paula Shene ( author of Mandy-the alpha dog).

However, on a daily basis I check the ratings. Usually just to see how the books are falling, today I got a huge shock- Chronicles had jumped to 145,000 from 880,000+ on, whether an after-effect of the top 50 showing or just general views is hard to tell.


  1. Way to go Alan. A sale is a sale, is a sale. :)

  2. Thanks, Jack. What I wouldn't give for a few sales, now. At least I don't feel so bad about not paying Carol, Yez & Angie for their lovely work. Not forgetting this is the work my tutor told me was unsaleable, he didn't know how or where to pitch it LOL ;)