Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Word goes ROCK 'n ROLL

The new edition of the book that nobody wanted (not surprising really- I liked it) WILL be up on you as The Word changes shapes to encompass all things that sell.
It will have sex, it will have 2012, zombies, Mayan calendar.
And not forgetting ROCK 'N'ROLL,and drugs.

I have sold my soul to the dollar bill or in my case the nickel & dime stores
For V.A.M.P. imagine Deep purple turning into Kiss via Alice Cooper and meeting zombies

Tired of trying to sell a good story after 11 weeks with nothing but deadwood, the time has come to plug an already over crowded market.

Farewell H.P. Lovecraft, E A Poe & Sheridan Lefanu. We tried to write a good story all that sells is junk :(

1 comment:

  1. The power of the blog, 11 weeks with no sales. Yesterday's blog broke the duck. All I need is for Chronicles to sell a copy and that will be a full deck for me.