Friday, 3 August 2012

No sales

Last night, I found all my books on two sites that let you borrow books. This may work for E L Gray and other BIG names but for us Indies, this is robbery of the lowest kind. Sure, there is a button to buy but who is going to buy, when you can read it for free.

One argument is that you read the first for free, then buy if you like the author- DON'T  believe that live. I have made LESS than $10 in 6 months.

Only a total cheapskate uses that cop out, I bet they have posh Kindles & Nooks, PS3's and X-boxes. My kindle is a free application from Amazon.

FEEL FREE to spread my LAST book. It will show you the huge amount I get per copy sold.  After 6 months, I have just enough for a packet of printing paper.

For every sale I get $0.35c or about £0.20p, I hope you like stealing this from me and laughing behind my back on your nice gadgets.

I QUIT, I am not working for a tiny pittance only to see you rob me blind.


  1. Don't quit Alan. Above all,ignore whats happening and keep writing.

    No writer, whether they be an indie or are contracted to the big six publishing houses stables suddenly makes it. We all struggle.

    Above all, don't put the need to make money from royalties as your reason for writing. If you do, you will be greatly disappointed.

    Instead, write because you have no other choice. Writing is a vocation pure and simple. Write for the pure joy of seeing that story in your head appear before your eyes. :)

  2. I expect the struggle, Jack. I know few writers make it big, that is a given. I know of lots of good writers who never got a break, while shit like E L Gray sell so many, they lose count of sales.

    I will continue to write for friends, I am just not happy with people who can afford posh devices and holidays not willing to pay a few cents for a book that took us weeks and months to write. :(

    1. In the world of writing Alan you must develop a hide thicker than a Rhinoceros. You have to learn to roll with the punches, smile when the small minded attack your work, and never ever react to them. :)

  3. Alan, Jack's right, if you're writing fiction for the money, your heart is going to be broken for sure. Quit trying to sell your work by all means (or write non-fiction, or one of the genres that sells well - soft porn is doing great right now) but don't deny yourself the pleasure of also writing what you enjoy.

    About fourteen years ago, I gave up trying to sell my stuff. I was so sick of rejection and there were no alternatives except commercial publishing back then. I spent 10 years writing purely for my own pleasure and, with no pressure to "succeed" I loved it and did some great work. It's good to know I can go back to that if the publishing rat-race gets too much again.

  4. I got over porn when I was in my teens, it doesn't sell BELIEVE me. I tried to sell a romance that had a mass on line readership with ladies clamouring for more.

    ONE THING sells- no matter what you say about reviews selling books, if you get a FILM STAR to endorse it-you CAN sell crap. I know, I had 3 great reviews for books and all died.

    Here is a question I have asked many times that NOBODY can answer for me.

    I have read from Karen Dale and Shaun Allen the their BOOKS are doing well, yet my EBOOK at 1/10th the cost isn't selling at all. Friends tell me the book market isn't doing well in the recession- WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH?

    I have friends that I know and can trust but those two I don't know.

    I knew Chronicles would be lucky to sell, it isn't Harry Potter it is weird science and Lovecraft and Poe don't sell in an age were people like Twilight/True blood rip off's. I accepted that when I wrote the stories.

    The point I was trying to make is why try to sell, when people can rip yo off. These are just two we found, HOW MANY more are there?

  5. People are entitled not to like my work, Jack. I agree with totally, I don't agree with people setting these sites up and with a false ID and a bit of techy know how, ripping us off.

    To give you some idea of what I have gone through this week.
    I always doubt my ability, even when friend tell me I'm good or when I used to get a few sales, this week with a lack of sales for Chronicles after two months. I was clost to calling it a day.
    I spent three days fighting a bad connection that cut me off every 10 minutes, then took twice as long to return.
    I was so worn out, when the laptop told me to free space, I deleted 17 pages of work (2 weeks down the drain).
    Now this robbery, excuse me for thinking, the omens are trying to tell me something.

  6. One other thing I would point out to you, if you wish to be taken seriously as a writer, refrain from making any kind of negative comments on social media sites like Facebook. No matter how incensed you may be, rise above it.

  7. I presume you mean by that, me calling this site of thieves a scum bag. Should I be polite and use articulate terms for vermin and bottom feeding rats, Jack.
    If so, I truly apologise for being honest about them and other such sites which take advantage of us.

    Unlike those on the site, I never went to college and got a degree or learned how to manipulate the internet to be a thief. Like you, we worked hard to make a living, while these sit and fleece others. Smashwords is just the same.

    They sell stories that the writers have asked to be taken down and don't pay up. No wonder the guy running it is a millionaire, Jack.

  8. If you are referring to my comment to Stuart Aken on Angie's page,Jack. THAT is a totally valid point, I have read many PUBLISHED writers claiming writer's block is nothing more than a cop out for not wanting to work.

    That is easy to say, when you see something in the bank or even books on a shelf. If that isn't there, there is always the worry that the book wont be good enough but ARROGANT published writers fail to see this.