Saturday, 11 August 2012

Life story of the book

The idea for the Chronicles series of books came from watching a celebrity complaining about the sun and sand. I thought "You bitch, what about the poor camera crew who have to lug the cameras and get no thanks." 

That was in June 2011, in October of that year I joined Writers Bureau-an on line writing course. I sent in chapter 1 of Chronicles and was told by the tutor, he had no idea where or how to pitch my story and that I would NEVER write a saleable story. I was devastated and almost quit, the only thing that kept me going was three great friends and fans of my work.

In hindsight, he had all the qualifications to tell me a book wont sell-he has been trying to get his taken up by a publisher for TWENTY YEARS.

In November 2011, I joined Bookrix, the on line book club and from there things really got a hold of the imagination as the fan base grew and grew to the extent that I was getting asked to let fans know when the next story was coming out.

After a complete re-edit by my good friend Carol Wills the book is now on sale with Amazon/Kobo with a great cover by my friend Yezall and inserts by another friend Angela Priest.

Not only has Chronicles taken hold but also Pat Canella has a growing fan base- OH to know where it goes.I have to say this is not too bad for somebody who was told they can't write a saleable story. It just goes to show tutors do NOT know it all. With a little research and imagination, I created my market place.

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