Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chronicles trailer and teaser

To the music of "If I had a reason," the Chronicles book trailer is played by my friend Buz Hendricks and Somewhere off jazz street.

I would like to thank Yezall for the lovely cover she did. Also Angie for her great inserts and not forgetting Carol who had to put up with editing this first book of Chronicles.

Thank you very much ladies.


  1. Nice job Alan. Not sure if it's because I'm accessing it from the USA but I didn't hear any sound.

  2. I did wonder, when I played it back I had none either. I thought it was my laptop playing up. I will have to correct that later.
    I'm glad you liked it otherwise though, thanks.

  3. Good job with the trailer Alan. The stories look really interesting, the trapped into being a recluse story especially caught my eye. Had the same problem with the sound. If it works on YT and not here it might just be an embed problem, if not you might be able to just re upload the audio.

  4. Thanks Buz, I'm glad you liked the themes, being an ex-photographer I can put a lot of myself in Mark. I got the original concept from all those "reality" shows or celebrity walkabouts, were nobody thinks of the camera crew.

    In Book 2, you get to read the story of the headline, as we delve into the darker areas of his psyche.