Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Spam, the thing we all hate intensely. The never ending run of mail in various sites that just pours endlessly at us.
I recently got accused of it. YES- Pinterest said that although they were glad I was so enthusiastic about "Pinning" in their opinion I had gone too far. WHY?

Irony is I rarely use it, as I find it hard to see its value. This instance I put up a link to my Facebook page (Alanspageturners), it was the first one I had done in over a week, yet this was spamming??????????

Last week, I had to cut a link with one man in Texas as every day I would have masses (30+) of his pins, none were of any interest to me. I know that to sell we have to be seen but surely it is better to have control of who and what you send rather than just send total junk to over 50,000 people just because on some remote and far distant link, you like the same things.

It's the same on Scribd. One of my excerpts has nearly 300 reads, it is Chapter 1 of Chronicles. How does this affect my sales? It doesn't, again being seen is the only advantage. Again I repeat the question, is there any point to people reading it? If they are not going to buy the book.

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