Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Most writers would agree that to some extent whether in a obvious manner or in little ways, we are to some extent influenced by our favourite writers. It is hard not to be as we tend to write in the styles of what we like to read. Which is why varied reading is a boon to a writer.

Yet, until a man on LinkedIn mentioned Lovecraft to me, in respect of my Chronicles of Mark Johnson resembling the style, I had never heard of him. I try not to copy any style too heavily, though I will admit to being influenced by the works of Poe & Lefanu, that Gothic horror is definitely more to my style than the modern style. Were the essence appears to be fill the pages with zombies or slashers.

Please remember in my stories the main thing I try to add is the tension factor. Which is why for pages not a lot may appear to happen but the story is still moving forward. I am not a writer who will bilk out pages with meaningless events which is why many of my stories are so short. I prefer to keep it tight rather than lose the story and become just another slasher story to bulk the pages.If it's in, then it has a purpose.

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