Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Growing audience

In a recent comment on Facebook, a friend replied to my statement that I am amazed at the growing Russian audiences I am having by saying they may like my beard LOL
To this I replied-does that make me Uncle Vanya, Lenin, Marx or Trotsky.

I do like Russian music, some of my favourite pieces are by Tchiakovsky & Shostakovich. I have also read Solzyhenitzen but this does not make me a Communist, nor does it mean my work is in any way influenced by the doctorines.

I also like Wagner, Brahmms and Brecht but that doesn't make me a Nazi. I like the style and sound of the deep musical tones, I am not really into Mozart or Bach. That is not saying I don't like any of their work. Anything with a clarinet has my attention wether Bach or Benny Goodman.

My comment was more a general remark linked to the fact that very few Canadians follow this blog. For some reason, my work doesn't appeal to them, it was pointed out to me by another friend that the Canadians prefer more fact based stories.

My blogs are not intended to impart either social or political ideas, they are just a few comments.

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