Monday, 30 July 2012

Forewarned is forearmed

I know this is only August and December is still a long way ahead of us.

At the start of December, I will be closing the doors on Alanspageturners. The annual fee is due and even though it only works out a few pound a month, it is one more I cannot afford to keep up, I will probably foreclose on my book at Waterstones as well unless things radically improve, I cannot pay £40 a year when the book is not selling. Patti had one good month but with less than one sale a month it is not worth keeping it on.
I know to many this may appear a rash decision to pull out so soon when things MAY improve but look at the statistics- I need to sell a copy a week to cover the cost. At the moment I am not even doing that in a month. I know you can counter by saying the longer she is there the better her chances are but at the same time. The longer she is there the larger the amount of sales I need to break even.

I am still doing "Hunted down" even though "Ghosts of your past"  was an abject lesson in failure both in sales and as a KDP weekend give away(something I have NO intention of doing again), I have an idea for a 5th Patti story and may even bring out a collection.

It comes basically down to cost effectiveness and the blog is doing the work of the site for free. I may not make as much on Amazon (£0.35p v £0.99p) but again I am not having to pay out.

In the New Year, I am seriously considering just promoting.

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