Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fall out

As a result of a series of events over the past weeks it is likely that the launch of Chronicles next week will be my pinnacle. Nerja has been killed off now and is only available from me, a sad end to the book that once had a 5 star rating at Amazon. Better to be buried with some honour left than to get dragged below the 1 million mark for ratings.

I was going to do a series about Medieval times which started with "To Elfenmere," but that looks set for the axe as well despite Yezall and others liking it. It is ironic to me that the first books to get axed are the ONLY ones that got a review.

The next on the list it would appear to be "Ghosts of your past," being part of the Pat Canella series may just save it but don't hold your breath.

If you get the idea I am closing down, you are right. Shortly the only access to my work will be from me. I tried to get a few dollars for my troubles and failed badly so I may as well give them away from now at least that way, I know the people who ask for them want to read the stories.

I will keep writing for Angie's diary but that will end up being my only public exposure now as I go more to promoting friends.

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