Sunday, 8 April 2012


Are film stars and writers the same?
Other than the films they make to get noticed and wish would never emerge. Once they get to be a name even big names make films they consider not too good.

One bad film or book, nobody minds. We are all entitled to slip up, when you make a second in a row questions get asked about where you are going. If you make the third. That is it, you no longer become saleable or readable. Only your hard core fans will follow you then, in the hope the slump breaks.

A while back I thought I would check on a series that was supposed to go on for a while "Benidorm" was about the holiday resort. WHAT??? Never heard of it!!!!!

I am not surprised, the show was supposed to run for at least the first series of 12 episodes, it was so bad. The producers canned it after only 2 or 3 episodes. Nobody from the show has made anything notable since.

Unlike the girl in the original CSI episode who got killed and can add CSI to her CV, this is one show nobody wants to add.

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