Sunday, 25 March 2012

Conspiracy theory

In a new development in the conspiracy on line against my books. Today Off the wall, got the habit of deleting any comment made to or by me, as well as posts about MY books, ONLY my books and comments were deleted.

Yesterday, with Goodreads denying Pat Canella existed. Raised the question how can I write the follow up book "Ghosts of your past," when it has nothing to follow?

All this has me thinking, what will come tomorrow? Or should I just fold and save the hassles this is bringing me?
The dream of seeing a book on the shelf was just that, a childhood dream. I got the modern equivalent of getting an Ebook. If nothing else, I have out sold my former tutor, which is good in itself as he said I could not write a saleable book. Pat Canella proved him wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Well good for Pat Canella to prove him wrong!

    You just keep on keepin' on when you're believing in what you're all about, and somehow -- the pathways open, many times in the most unexpected ways . . . Ah, but therein lies the truer joys of the peremptory adventures.

    Good to begin the beguine of meeting you AuthorMan. I send you good vibrations.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate, author / promoter
    believing in believers